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    Removable rubber paint available in
    Gloss, Matt, Headlight, Fluro, Pearl Luster,
    Luminous and Chameleon colours

  • Old brand new name

    Old brand new name

    Aeropak, we've been making many of the products
    you've been using everyday for more than 20 years.

Aeropak Spray Paint

The Aeropak product range of includes general spay paints, removable rubber paint, marking paints and surface preparation products all designed to make your life easier and more colourful.

Automotive Products

The Aeropak range of automotive product includes Throttle Body, Carby & Choke Cleaner, Brake Cleaner, MultiLube water dispersant, Cockpit Detailer, Electrical Contact Cleaner, Tire sealer and inflators, Foaming Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner, Foaming Tyre cleaner, Engine degreaser and Liquid Tire Sealant

Available worldwide

Aeropak products are available worldwide. We have distributors in North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia/ Mideast, Africa, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and China.


AEROPAK, Working to MAKE your LIFE easIER

Our product range covers our four major product categories including;

  • Paint and surface protection
  • Automotive cleaning products
  • Electrical cleaning products
  • Specialty Paint & marking products.

At Aeropak our ambition is to produce new products that make our customers life easier and better,
Over the next few months we'll be expanding our range in new and exciting areas.

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Now Open For Business

Aeropak, we've been making many of the products you've been using everyday for almost 20 years.

Although you may not have seen the Aeropak brand before,
we've been making the products that many of you have been using
every day for almost 20 years.

Aeropak has been supplying custom branded paints, cleaners, lubricants and adhesive products to well known companies worldwide. Now we are putting our own brand on the world market. We are actively looking for distributors in markets where we are not represented, If you already have a supply and delivery network in place please contact us today.

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